Trust-IT Solutions

Corporate infrastructure is a dynamic entity generally increasing gradually in demand means that many organizations began with minimal IT system matching their needs in the initial phase and then added more and more applications, and components such as servers, disks, information security components, communications equipment, stations and more.

The result - an enterprise computing infrastructure that is cumbersome, difficult and expensive to maintain and manage operations with.

Trust IT Solutions has wide experience in IT infrastructure planning and organizational and technological solutions.We specialize in upgrading infrastructure, writing a three-year plan and improving total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT infrastructure in organizations. Among our various activities


Our consulting services help you find the right IT solutions. with our extended knowledge of the market and the customers' needs we tailor the right solution for you.

Value Added Distribution

Through the VAD concept and structure, We are offering our business partners a variety of value-add services which facilitates the reach and penetration into specific segment of the markets and helps develop their business.

Unlike others we provide a the highest level of technical expertise and work with our partners to provide the customers the best solutions, support and knowledge.


As a technology provides for a 24x7 enterprises we provide extended support services for customers, integrators and software resellers.