Trust-IT has a strong history in enhancing the cost effectiveness and manageability of its customers’ IT environments. We specialise in tuning and optimising systems and applications to reduce costs. This capability also includes services in a vast range of storage consulting capabilities designed to provide targeted solutions to address key storage challenges faced by many organisations today.

CPT achieves this by:

  • Providing vendor independent storage advice

  • Formulating flexible storage strategies to position you for future success whilst reducing Total Cost of  Ownership (TCO)

  • Developing Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategies for optimised data placement based on organisational value

  • Providing comprehensive storage capacity planning services to streamline the storage provisioning and growth forecasting process

  • Providing storage disaster and operational recovery plans that ensure system availability commensurate to business requirements


Storage Consulting

Storage Cost Reduction

Trust-IT asses the technical and financial aspects of your total storage environment to develop a “hit list” of achievable savings. Once potential savings have been identified, CPT can assist you in realizing those savings. Typically, up to 25%-50% can be shaved from the storage budget.

Storage Tenders

Our consultants will take you right through the storage procurement process.  We will assist you to translate your business and technical needs into storage requirements, build documentation to take to the market, manage the entire vendor response process and then provide you with a recommendation as to the most appropriate solution for your requirements. Our aim is to utilize Our market knowledge to help you make the right storage decision, objectively and painlessly.

Technical Storage Review

With our deep understainging in the Storage Infrastructure  we provide and extended services:

  • Storage Capacity Planning

  • Storage Tuning

  • Storage Architecture

  • Storage Strategy

  • Storage/Data readiness for DR/BC

  • Storage Outsource Contract Review


Storage Cost Reduction

Storage Tenders

Technical Storage Review

Helping you find the right Storage solutions.

With over 100 Tenders for Storage, DR and Infrastructure designed written and committed in the last few years we have the market recognition for our capabilities. Our customers ranges from different verticals of the Israeli Market including high-tech, finance, industry, government, insurance, services and more.




Storage Capacity Planning

TRUST-IT will review your capacity planning reporting and processes to develop a sustainable, repeatable capacity planning function. As a result, you will (re)gain control over your storage resources, allowing you to meet your requirements in the future without over-provisioning today.

Storage Tuning

A TRUST-IT Storage Tuning engagement will review your environment to determine where potential problems exist and then recommend how those problems can best be addressed.

Storage Architecture

Designing a storage architecture to meet new or changed requirements can be a daunting and time consuming task.  Whether for an upgrade to your existing data centre(s) or for a “green fields” build, TRUST-IT’s Storage Architecture service will develop for you an optimal storage architecture. Existing infrastructure will be re-used where sensible and augmented by new technologies if appropriate. TRUST-IT’s vendor independence allows us the freedom to consider technologies on their merits, not on the basis of vested interests

Storage Strategy

Many organizations face the unenviable task of trying to determine how they can take best advantage of existing and emerging storage technologies. TRUST-IT will assist you in developing an appropriate service catalogue for your data and its management. Using that service catalogue as a base, a comprehensive storage strategy will be developed.

Storage/Data readiness for DR/BC

TRUST-IT will review your storage environment in the context of your overall Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity requirements, to determine if your storage infrastructure is capable of supporting the Recovery Time Objectives (RTO’s) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO’s) that have been set for your key applications. TRUST-IT’s Storage Readiness for DR/BC Service will indicate any gaps in your current environment and will recommend optimal resolutions.

Storage Outsource Contract Review

Outsourcing your storage is a complex exercise.  Ensuring that the outsource is achieving an optimal result is often even more challenging. TRUST-IT can help by reviewing your outsource contract to assess the impact of potential storage changes. For instance what is the impact of reducing capacity requirements, or introducing new storage tiers?

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