Arcserve UDP 6.5 Update 1 is here

well, arcserve just announced the availability of update 1 to its latest arcserve unified data protection solution, so why should we care ?

arcserve has added lots of new features and functions to its advanced solution arcserve unified data protection version 6.5. With the release of update 1 we see that arcserve continues to improve its cloud integration, automatic ptotection of resources and extend te support to a wider veriety of Linux and Windows versions.

The release includes several new features, but it is mainly an overall improvement phase of the solution.

So whats in the package? with Arcserve UDP v6.5 Update 1 we can now protect the upcomming Arcserve udp email Archiving and VM Templates. it also provides several impreovement with backup of Exchange online such as parallel backups, protection of archive mailbox, public folders and more. and last but not least, our favourite immediate testing of assured recovery, click a button and arcserve UDP will run immdiate Assured Recovery test on a given server. wow!

To download the update click here

Complete list of Features:

New Features with the upcomming release of Arcserve udp email Archiving Arcserve UDP v6.5 Update 1 lets you can protect Arcserve UDP Archiving in the Appliance.

Additionally you can now Protection of VM Templates in vSphere, auto protect vm's by tag and more. several other improvements makes the NAS CIFS incremental forever backups ever better while supporting filters and sync.

Feature Enhancements Exchange Online Protection enhancements: In Office 365 Exchange Online protection, you can backup multiple mailboxes at the same time to improve the performance. In Office 365 Exchange Online protection, you can set the name for Office 365 nodes, update service account for the node and backup multiple nodes using the same service account.

Office 365 supports: Public Folder protection Archive Mailbox protection Mailbox protection that enables the In-Place Hold or Litigation Hold features

Report Improvements:

Data Distribution on media report: Arcserve UDP Data Distribution on media report displays the compressed and actual (raw) backup data size at various storage locations. Drill-down the report to view detailed information about Agent disk, deduplication, and non-deduplication categories.

Backup from UNC paths/Network shares:

Arcserve UDP enhancements for Backup from UNC paths/Network shares are listed as follows: Added the Synchronize file/folder with backup source option in UI to control the deletion of file from current backup session when the source has already deleted the related file to perform incremental backup job. Wildcards ? and * are supported for file/folder filer with exclusions when you perform backup job. Agentless Backup enhancements: Automatic protection of newly added VMs in VMs and Templates view: In VMs and templates view, protect a single container object in the vSphere hierarchy. As a result, new VMs added into the container object are protected automatically. Automatic protection of newly added VMs by tag: Specify a tag for the agentless backup plan and the VMs assigned with that tag are protected automatically. Note: This feature is supported only for vSphere 6.0 and vSphere 6.5.

Support for SMB 3.0 Shares (SOFS):

Agentless backup partially supports Hyper-V VM on SMB 3.0 share. For Hyper-V 2012 or higher version, you can store the VM files in SMB 3.0 file shares. Now, Arcserve UDP agentless backup protects such VM files with the following limitations:

Integration with Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) of Hyper-V 2016:

Agentless Backup is fully integrated with Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) of Hyper-V 2016. Agentless Backup supports vSphere 6.5, including the encrypted VM.

Copy Recovery Point (CRP) enhancement:

Arcserve UDP supports Microsoft Azure Cloud for CRP. Now, you can configure CRP destination as Microsoft Azure to copy recovery point sessions using the flexible schedule mechanism. File Copy enhancement: Arcserve UDP supports Fujitsu Cloud services K5 for file copy and file archive features. You can configure File Copy and File Archive copy destination as Fujitsu Cloud Services K5 to save files and folders.

New Azure SDK Support for File Copy and CRP:

CRP and File Copy support: Creating Containers in Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and Classic General Purpose and Blob Storage types in Resource manager Cool Storage and Hot storage access tiers in Blob Storage

New Amazon AWS S3 SDK support for File Copy and CRP:

File Copy and CRP support all the storage regions supported by Amazon. Integration of Arcserve UDP 6.5 with Active Directory: The existing feature of Role Based Administration (UDP-RBA) is improved to allow management of Arcserve UDP permissions based on Active Directory groups. You can use the Active Directory groups as RBA roles. Note: Individual Active Directory accounts were supported in the previous versions of Arcserve UDP.

Assured Recovery enhancement: You can launch the Assured Recovery Test job manually from nodes view and plans view, both. In nodes view: You can select a node and manually launch Assured Recovery Test job to the specific recovery point. In plans view: You can select a plan and manually launch Assured Recovery Test job for all protected nodes in the plan and recovery points in the specified time. You can add Assured Recovery task for Office 365 Exchange Online node.

Network Throttle configuration:

You can configure the network throttle schedules for Windows Agent based backup when the backup destination is a deduplication data store.

Data threshold alert:

You can add the data store space capacity monitor mechanism to the data store and configure your email for the email alerts. When the data store is approaching the full capacity, an email alert is sent automatically. The status of running data stores is changed to restore only that prevents the new backup/replication jobs from performing backup of the new backup data. Note: For the data threshold alert, configuring the activity log is not necessary.

Improved the performance of Hardware Snapshot:

Rescan of Host Bus Adapter (HBA) and refresh of host storage system tasks run only on the specific ESXi that has the source VM running.

Linux Agent Enhancements Supports new platform: Debian Linux 8.0 to 8.8 RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux 6.9 Protects Azure Virtual Machine inside Microsoft Azure Cloud: Backup Azure Virtual Machine to local/NFS/CIFS/RPS File level recovery Restore Azure Virtual Machine through BMR or Instant BMR with Auto Recovery option

Miscellaneous Enhancements: Protects Arcserve UDP Archiving Appliance Supports vSphere NVMe disk controller Supports IVM between Hyper-V and vSphere Supports adhoc Assured Recovery Test for Linux Node

Database and Platform Support Debian: Linux backup server 8.8, Linux node 8.0 or above version.

NetApp Hardware Snapshot: Support for Data ONTAP 9.0 Support for Agent-based physical machines running Windows 2016 operating system and host-based agentless backup for Hyper-V VMs running on Hyper-V 2016.

Security and Third-party Enhancements

OpenSSL support:

OpenSSL is upgraded to 1.0.2k

Tomcat support:

Tomcat upgraded version 8.0.43

Amazon SDK:

Amazon SDK upgrade supports new regions for File Copy, File Archive, and CRP.

Appliance Enhancements

Migrate Arcserve UDP Console from one Appliance to another Appliance:

You can migrate Arcserve UDP Console from one Appliance to another using ConsoleMigration.exe. Supports Factory Reset to recover Appliance machine on to the Arcserve UDP v6.5 update 1 initial factory status.

Certification: Windows Server 2016 Logo certified.

IPv6 dual mode support:

Arcserve UDP works properly when every networking device, server, switch, router, and firewall in a network is configured with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity capabilities.

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