Furniture manufacturer JJO backs up 68TB IT estate in just one hour

Arcserve's Unified Data Protection (UDP) Appliance has helped household furniture manufacturer JJO to back up each of its 160 PCs in just five minutes, 55 minutes faster than with its previous solution. A 500GB server can be restored in three hours and a single PC can now be restored in 90 minutes – half the time it took before the company implemented Arcserve UDP. And incremental backups mean its IT estate, amounting to 68TB of data, is backed up in just one hour. “Files are restored so quickly now that usually the user doesn’t even realise there was any disruption in data availability,” says JJO senior software engineer Norm Almond.

JJO has installed two 30TB Arcserve UDP Appliances to protect ten servers and 160 PCs across five sites including its Lancashire factory, where it produces up to 500 kitchens, 100 bedrooms and 200 bathrooms every week. The company’s IT infrastructure underpins its business operations – from orders, sales and purchasing to returns, production and stock management. Its 400 users within the company rely on technology to deliver excellent customer service and streamline the manufacturing process. The company’s previous data protection strategy relied on a fragmented backup and recovery environment built around two solutions from different vendors. It was becoming difficult and costly to manage, which prompted JJO to start the search for a new solution and ultimately selecting Arcserve. “We have payments coming in every hour and stock to manage throughout the day. Any data loss would pose a serious risk to our business,” says Almond. “We wanted a single, unified data protection solution, and to move away from slow tape backups. With Arcserve UDP we can back up our entire estate every hour without slowing down our network. Even though the volume of data we’re backing up is significantly higher than before we installed the appliances, our backups now are faster and more reliable.” Since implementing the Arcserve UDP Appliances, lengthy full backups of up to eight hours have been replaced by incremental backups run throughout the day, with weekly, monthly and yearly snapshots adding an additional layer of protection. JJO is also taking advantage of the appliances’ flexibility, tailoring backup plans for different groups of devices. JJO’s appliances’ single dashboard also provides full visibility of each backup: this means that the IT team can monitor their status at a glance. JJO is also benefitting from Arcserve’s remote support service which frees up the team’s time to focus on other tasks. In addition, the appliance model allows the company to scale its IT estate without incurring additional costs per device. “Data is an organisation’s most important asset. But it’s not until it’s lost that a business really understands its true value,” says Arcserve territory director for UK and Ireland, Richard Massey. “However it’s lost, whether as the result of an outage, a natural disaster or even human error, it is vital to have the right strategy and technology in place to restore the data as quickly as possible. Arcserve has the right expertise and the right solutions to help protect and recover data whatever happens.”

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