Arcserve UDP License and Editions

There are 5 editions of Arcserve UDP. They are licensed per CPU Socket (for both Physical Machines & 

VMs), or alternately per terabyte of protected data. To see what is included in each edition please see 

the editions comparison.


Arcserve UDP Editions

Pricing Options

For general information on licensing please see our licensing FAQ.

Get FAQ details on our per server licensing.

How to determine the servers to be licensed with Arcserve UDP?
Only protected source servers are licensed. For virtualization hosts, the socket count in the physical 

hypervisor host is counted. For physical machines, only the protected source servers are licensed based on

the number of CPU sockets in each protected machine.

Do the Backup Proxy, RPS, or backup target server need a license? 
No. The backup target, RPS or backup proxy machines involved are not licensed separately even if they

have product components installed on them, as long as they are only facilitating the backup of other nodes. 

If however the backup server itself is required to be backed up as well, then it requires a license, just like 

any other protected source server.


How to request upgrades or contact Arcserve for additional information?

Please contact:


Phone: +972-54-2262122

Phone 2: +972-538501001


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